Bloggers Club calling it a day?

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AUCKLAND, Today: Influence marketing agency Bloggers Club is believed to be closing. “Come 31st January, we will complete our last campaigns,” says owner Jenene Crossan in a post on the BC Linkedin page.

We say “believed to be” because at press time we’d been unable to contact Crossan directly – and the BC web page (scroll down for the link) was still in rude good health when we last checked today.

Here’s Crossan’s Linkedin post, in full: “Thank you & Good bye! As the sole director, I’ve decided it is time to wrap it up and together with my team; we positively close the doors on what has been a phenomenal journey and move onto new projects. 

“Bloggers Club pioneered the industry and has delivered nearly $6m of income for bloggers in the 3.5 years that we have been operational, helping commercialise some of New Zealand’s most loved and well-known social media talent.

“The bloggers have created beautiful content that has won awards, told stories and connected with consumers in incredible ways. They can be proud of the work and I know they will continue to deliver thoughtful, relevant and interesting content for closely aligned brands.

“Our ethos has always been transparency and authenticity, and I believe the true content-led social media superstars will continue to evolve and flourish. 

“Personally, my focus has always been on Flossie [the global software site Crossan runs with Steve Torrance] and BC has been a side project that has struggled to get sufficient director leadership from me, which is vital now in a changing media landscape where clients are increasingly bringing projects in-house.

“The decision to wrap up is one that feels right and in-line with my personal values.”

“Whilst we could morph to meet this need, the reality is that it’s not my passion and I believe that influencer marketing, as we know it, is coming to a conclusion soon. In the same way I walked from banner advertising five years ago, I do the same today by wrapping up the business and openly discussing my motivations. I pride myself on being ahead of the game, and to confidently and positively walk away from projects when it’s time.

“The decision to wrap up is one that feels right and in-line with my personal values, where front footing business decisions and doing right by all parties is essential. Closing a business need not be failure, nor terminal, but a positive and smart decision, as we recognise life cycles of projects and make space for everyone to continue to learn and grow.

“I’d like to thank everyone who has been a supporter over the years, including key members; Tee Robbins & Jo Twyford for being the brave ones willing to take on this new thing we came up with to meet the burgeoning need to connect brands and bloggers together. To Rochelle Sheldon for picking up and running with it at full steam (as only Rochelle can), to Melissa Christou who sold the dream to the world and convinced brands to come with us, Spencer Willis for embarking on a huge career pivot and putting himself on the line, and to the current team Nives Zagorac, Lidya Ke and Sarah Campbell who I am incredibly proud of their successes over the past year.

“They all go on to new horizons with great experience to share in new teams.

“To the talent – including the much-loved Maria Foy and Jordan Watson – who have grown followings through exceptional talent and community engagement, I know the team have appreciated working alongside consummate professionals. Thanks to the agencies, brands and marketers who have embraced marketing change, climbed on board and ridden this train with us. I know you’ll take what we have helped you learn and keep pushing into new and interesting directions with great content collaborators.

“Finally, cheers to the husband who has backed me 100% of the way in all of the twists and turns and mostly for making what could have been a stressful decision, relatively easy. Your pragmatism and positivity are an inspiration for all New Zealand business owners.”

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