There’s no meat in Hell’s new pizza. So, Special put things right. Or Wrong.

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WELLINGTON, Thursday: Hell has taken the classic Kiwi steak & cheese pie and turned it into a pizza. The twist is, it’s vegetarian – made with Fable’s “infamous” plant-based steak, as well as the traditional gravy, cheddar, mozzarella and flaky puff pastry.

So, how do you launch a steak and cheese pie that isn’t steak at all? If there’s one thing every pie needs, it’s sauce.

So, Special Wellington – in conjunction with Special PR – are promoting the launch of the new meatless pie by creating the perfect condiment. To-meat-o Sauce, a tomato sauce made with blood.

“Since Hell have taken all the animals out of the pie, we decided to put them all in the sauce instead,” says Special Wellington ECD Mark Forgan.

The new topping will be served in a blood bag and, according to its ingredients, it includes beef, deer blood and “some sheep maybe? Honestly, we lost track of what went in the blender.”

And, while vegetarians will no doubt opt to leave the new topping off, To-meat-o Sauce is bound to keep the meaters happy, reckons Hell Pizza marketing manager Siang Tay.

“Hell Pizza is still the best job I ever had – it’s good to be back in the driver’s seat.”

“This is a bloody good idea from Special to stop any of our carnivorous friends getting their nose out of joint at the thought of plant-based steak,” he says.

The campaign is the rekindling of an old relationship between Hell Pizza founder Callum Davies and ECD Mark Forgan, who have known each other for 25 years.

“Mark was one of Hell Pizza’s first delivery drivers, and came up with NZ’s most complained-about campaign for us when he was still at design school. I’m stoked to have his creative — slightly twisted — brain just down the road here in Wellington,” Davies said

Forgan: “Hell Pizza is still the best job I ever had – it’s good to be back in the driver’s seat.”

The So wrong, but so right campaign launches this week across OOH, radio and social, promoting the new Steak & Cheese Pie Pizza and accompanying Tomeato Sauce.

Numbers are limited to 10,000 pizzas and 6,000 Tomeato Sauce blood bags, so get in quick if you want a slice of the bloody action.


Client: Hell Pizza
Creative Agency: Special Wellington
PR Agency: Special PR

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