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HAMILTON, Today: Web delivery may be dropping off many agency radars – but now, in a time where literally every bit of revenue counts, NZ tech firm Blutui is seeing a rise in interest in their web development platform.

Blutui is a web platform that lets creative agencies and front-end web developers get truly collaborative and create exceptional websites. “Blutui,” says co-founder/ceo Graeme Blake, “offers the blend of control and creative freedom to studio teams that simply can’t be found in other technologies”. 

“For agencies around the world and now in Aotearoa, the likelihood of the hallowed studio being temporarily off limits is becoming reality,” Blake says.

“Many will have contingency plans, many more may not – but the team at Blutui are offering a solution that may enable agencies to remain viable through these troubled times.”

Founded by digital agency owners Graeme Blake and Kenny Harrison in 2016, Blutui evolved out of their digital studio. The focus of the platform is to provide creative and digital agencies the flexibility to create and deliver whatever they can think of for their clients – whether they have their own front end talent or not.

“The trick is,” Blake says, “the agency maintains control of the project, talent, creative, costs and ultimately the client site, literally spelling an end to tech fragmentation.”

“While Silverstripe and WordPress have their place, I’m switching our new builds to Blutui – it’s that good.”

James Star of Agility Cycle, an Auckland agency digital support studio, has been working with the Blutui platform on a series of projects.

He said: “I’ve been working in Silverstripe and WordPress for a host of agency clients and, while these technologies have their place and we still support them, I’m switching our new builds to Blutui, it’s that good.”

Blutui CTP Charlie Cooper said: “Compared to the big corporates our user base is pretty small currently as we are only recently out of beta, having hit V1.0 in the past few months but those that get involved have seen how transformative the platform is for agency businesses.

“Blutui puts the agency at the centre of every project and provides an environment whereby front-end web developers can use the tools they love and the code they grew up with to inject incredible levels of creativity into their projects.”

Blake: “We’ve been watching the way the market is going and one thing is terribly important to the Blutui team – we built Blutui as a way to support creativity and give creative agencies an edge and that’s never been more acutely relevant than right now, so we’re opening the platform up at no cost for the next six months to let agencies capture client web project revenue.

“The Blutui team are working from home for the foreseeable days and weeks and ready to assist with platform demos, onboarding and generally helping to keep creative agencies with their work.”

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