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TVNZ ceo Kevin Kenrick delivered last night’s Effies crowd a timely reminder that a relentless drive for effectiveness is just one part of an exciting campaign.

“Be bold, be brave,” he said. “There’s been a lot of talk tonight about effectiveness and ROI and how in this age of accountability we’ve got to make sure that advertising and that marketing delivers,” he said.

“I think that one of the things that we’ve just got to be a little bit careful about is that we don’t get too carried away in terms of thinking that ROI is the process versus it being an outcome.

“We had a tribute tonight to an amazing guy, Devo, and I think consistent with the way that he led the charge over many, many years for this industry is an understanding that at the heart of this there’s a continuum.

“At one end is safe and at the other end is brave. If you start thinking ROI, the risk is you start thinking safe. The risk is it’s all about analysis rather than insight and it’s all about the numbers rather than the impact.

“So my challenge tonight to those who haven’t quite got there, to those who would like to be up on the stage this time next year, is to be bold, be brave – focus on doing something brave, focus on a big compelling idea and then make it fit your strategy, rather than starting with analysis and writing an amazing paper.

“At TVNZ we’re fortunate enough to see a whole range of amazing campaigns and I’ve got to say as an industry we can and should do better. We should excite more consumers, more viewers, more often, with great work that really makes a difference.

“Tonight we’ve seen some really great examples. My congratulations to the finalists and to the winners – I encourage everybody to make a big step up in the year ahead to try and deliver more. To use the power of video to tell more compelling stories.

“And in keeping with the theme of tonight about non-fiction… those who want to keep up with the play download ONE News Now and make the most of it. Good night.”

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