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Just in from CAANZ: “Stop in the name of love and cast your mind back to a time before lipsync was a Fallon skit, before video cameras were digital, and before you were too self-aware to realise that setting up your parents’ camcorder in the lounge and dancing around to the Spice Girls would be something you’d never ever ever ever live down.”

Yep. The 9th annual Battle of the Ad Bands will take place in a flurry of hair glitter at The Kings Arms, where agencies will compete under the theme; Boy and Girl Bands with a nod to Bowie and Prince as wildcard selections.

“To claim the auspicious title of 2016 BOTAB champions, round up your agency’s best musos, register your band, and get practising! We don’t want no scrubs.”

Band registrations are now open so head to to check out the rules and register.

For those of you who have more moves like Jagger than musical talent, prepare to be up all night on Thursday 15 September. Tickets on sale late August.

To summarise:

Theme: Girl and Boy Bands
Wildcard: David Bowie + Prince (randomly selected for each band – bribes encouraged)
Date: Thursday 15 September @ 6pm
Venue: Kings Arms Tavern

CAANZ says the first reader to comment on the Botab Facebook page with the correct number of song references in this release will receive a bottle of wine.

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