Bravo M+AD?

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“What a ridiculous post,” writes Suckysucky in response to M+AD’s roundup of the saga that’s developing around Axis and ads designed purely to win awards.

“VW fired Colenso shortly after Speed Dial,” our correspondent says. “Not saying because of it, but all those ‘creative ideas’ they were delivering clearly weren’t of interest to the client.

“VW did complain in the way that matters most – they took their business elsewhere. And the complaints weren’t that there were no meaningful results, it was that there were no meaningful products.

“It was fiction, all of it. Advertising doesn’t exist just to create ideas. Advertising creates ideas to produce meaningful business change for our clients.

“And if we, as an industry, want clients to keep believing in creativity (and paying for it), then they need to see we value what they do.

Ideas for their own sake should be rewarded (which is the assertion of this post) is the literal definition of scam.

“Bravo M+AD. Delighted that the industry press holds such a view. Or are you Colenso in disguise?”

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