Breaking News: Ogilvy & Sweetshop craft Police Recruitment follow-up

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AUCKLAND, Today: Ogilvy and the New Zealand Police have released their follow-up campaign to 2017’s The World’s Most Entertaining Recruitment Video; which went viral worldwide, with 91.8 million views in its first week, achieving the highest amount of NZ Police recruits ever.

In the new work, which addresses police recruitment from a slightly different angle, Ogilvy and Sweetshop director Damien Shatford team up once again to encourage cultural and gender diversity.

Ogilvy ECD Lisa Fedyszyn said: Breaking News is all about asking questions and getting answers, where we see the NZ public take over a press conference, with a bit of friendly interrogation, if you will.

“Research shows, when considering application to police, potential recruits are seeking out real cops and asking them questions in order to address their queries. However, not everyone knows a cop they can talk to, so how can they connect to this information?”

The video, which launched on the NZ Police Facebook page, has already seen a higher response overnight than 2017’s effort. It encourages potential recruits to sign up at, or get more answers on the new ChatCops digital platform, where they can view most frequently asked questions via video response, featuring over 100 real Police officers.

Members of the public will be able to ask further questions of the ChatCops in the coming months via email and live chat sessions.

Commissioner Mike Bush said: “The Breaking News video features our officers answering the questions most people commonly ask us before joining up, but in a fun, creative and accessible way.”

“Our organisation aspires for New Zealand to be the world’s safest country and the government has invested significantly to help us to do this by growing our overall staff numbers.

“We want to better reflect the communities we serve and this means attracting new staff from all backgrounds, but we particularly need more women, Māori, Pacific Islanders and Asians.

“We also need people who are keen to work in Tāmaki Makaurau.

“Ogilvy has shone a light on a different perspective of our recruitment story in a way that remains quintessentially Kiwi.”

“This innovative campaign sets out to ensure any questions a potential future cop has are answered and we’re confident that will mean more people sign up to join our fantastic organisation.”

Breaking News features over 70 real officers and police staff, with scenes spoken in both English and Te Reo Māori. The video includes cameos from Hunt For the Wilderpeople cop Oscar Kightley, Wellington Paranormal officers Minogue and O’Leary, Lucas de Jong, Stacey Morrison and Commissioner Bush.

Also starring are police dog Jango, police horse Mia, and a few familiar faces some may remember from 2017.

Lisa Fedyszyn: “We discovered that potential recruits asked questions of cops they knew in order to help reach their decision about joining, so we wanted to provide as many answers as we could through the film.

“We thought creating the ChatCops platform would start up more conversations and provide the answers needed for those who didn’t have an officer to ask.”

NZ Police public affairs exec Jane Archibald said: “We are thrilled with our latest recruitment video in collaboration with our agency, Ogilvy.

“They have done a great job shining a light on a different perspective of our recruitment story in a way that remains quintessentially Kiwi.

“It’s important for us to hero our staff as our brand and Breaking News has enabled us to do this and connect with wider New Zealand.”

Medals haul
The World’s Most Entertaining Recruitment Video has won a D&AD Wood Pencil, Six Axis Golds (including the Grand Axis) and two Gold Effies.


Agency: Ogilvy New Zealand
Chief Creative Officer: Regan Grafton
Executive Creative Director: Lisa Fedyszyn
Executive Creative Director: Jonathan McMahon
Senior Creative: Cece Chu
Design Director: Danny Carlsen
Head of Design: Nathan Chambers
Photographer: Jamie Wright
Photographer: Luke Harvey
Head of Operations: Siobhan Burke
Agency Film Producer: Matt McPhaill
Planning Director: Ben Fielding
Executive Director: Wendy Schrijvers
Project Director: Joel Walden
Project Director: Kimberley Clark
Head of Media: Rachel Anderson-Cormack
Group Media Director: Gerard Duignan
Digital Media Manager: Nick Pickering
Business Director, Tātou: Jerome Mika
Head of Digital: Clare Warne
UX Designer: Kieran Savage
Head of Technology: Greg Rogan
Senior Developer: Joseph Lewis

Production Company: The Sweet Shop
Director: Damien Shatford
Managing Director: Fiona King
Executive Producer: Ben Dailey
DOP: Marty Williams
Head of Post Production: Martin Spencer
Senior Editor: Ben Marshall
Colourist: Dave Gibson
VFX: Gonzalo Deza
Sound: Liquid Studios
Executive Producer: Tamara O’Neill
Head Composer: Peter van der Fluit
Senior Sound Engineer: Craig Matuschka

Client: New Zealand Police.
Deputy Chief Executive, People & Capability: Kaye Ryan
Acting Deputy Chief Executive: Public Affairs: Jane Archibald
National Manager, Marketing & Communications: Paul Halford
Senior Marketing Advisor: Helen Flannery
Senior Social Media Advisor: Jess Bovey
Acting Māori Strategic Advisor, MPES: Mere Wilson Tuala-Fata

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