Generation Voice is here – and they’re about to change everything

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Spark and Colenso BBDO have launched a new campaign, continuing their Little Can Be Huge platform. This time it’s to celebate the power and opportunity the next generation will have, thanks to voice technology.

“The campaign shows the adorable revolution that ensues once a nation of curious kids begin fact-checking information that, to previous generations, would have been challenging to answer,” says Spark brand COE (?) lead Sarah Williams.

“In the 60 second launch film, we see kids quizzing voice assistants for answers to some of the biggest questions – like will vegetables really make me taller?,” she says. “And can a stork really carry a baby?”

“Many ads featuring kids reading lines written by adults have a forced feel. This assured Finch production puts paid to that theory!”

“Today’s kids are going to grow up with voice assistants as a normal part of their lives, just like 90s kids did with mobile phones, and 80s kids with the internet. Voice is another leap forward in the opportunities this generation is going to have, and that’s incredibly exciting to us.”

M+AD reckons: “Many ads featuring kids reading lines written for them by adults have a forced, unnatural feel to them. This assured Finch production puts paid to that theory.”

Colenso CD Mike Davison said: “We love seeing empowered, curious kids.

“There’s this magic age range between about four and seven when kids are still learning to read, but are weirdly more tech-savvy than many grown-ups. This is where the power of voice comes alive.”

The launch film will be followed by out of home, a social campaign and a series of 15” films focussing on each of the children.


Client: Spark
Brand COE Lead: Sarah Williams,
Brand Lead Partner: Hannah Watson
Agency: Colenso BBDO
Media: PHD
Production company: Finch
Sound: Franklin Road

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