Global cloud services prover launches consulting services in ANZ (updated)

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Brightcove, a leading global provider of cloud services for video, has expanded its offerings in Australia and New Zealand with the launch of a regional presence for its consulting arm, Brightcove Global Services.

“With significant growth and customer wins in the region, Brightcove is solidifying its position as the platform of choice for media, marketers, and enterprises,” said Sydney-based ANZ vice-president Mark Stanton.

The company has also appointed Sling & Stone Sydney to handle PR in NZ.

TVNZ, MediaWorks, Xero
“Brightcove is doing some pretty amazing work in NZ at the moment with the likes of Wellington-born cloud accounting software company Xero, and national broadcasters TVNZ and Mediaworks,” Stanton says.

“Brightcove helps media companies, broadcaster, publishers and brands manage, host and monetise online video to any device.

“The company was founded 10 years ago in Boston. It has since been tested and proven on a global scale by over 5000 of the world’s most innovative companies including Showtime, Puma, Hugo Boss, Tourism Australia and Nec.

27 billion video streams
“In 2016, Brightcove delivered 27 billion video streams (or 866 million hours of video) to viewers across the world. In 2017 those numbers have already risen 18%.”

She says TVNZ began its relationship with Brightcove in 2011, using Brightcove’s Video Cloud offering as the backbone for the broadcaster’s online video content, and continues to partner with Brightcove, rolling out new projects, including its OnDemand service and its availability on Chromecast.

Brightcove’s Video Cloud enabled the relaunch and enhanced device support for TVNZ’s on-demand service in 2015 with new exclusive programming, as well as enhanced support for viewing across desktops, iOS and Android apps, and Samsung Smart TV.

It also enables TVNZ to provide a more personalised viewing experience with watch lists and recommendations for relevant content – specifically, the integration with Marketo enabled Xero to gain valuable audience insights, including where certain viewers dropped off during a video, enabling the video team to produce tailored video content in a way that is going to drive the most engagement amongst their audiences.

No more ad blockers
MediaWorks partnered with Brightcove to reboot its ad-based video on demand (AVOD) offering — at the time, one in four Mediaworks viewers were using ad blockers to bypass advertising content.

And in 2015, Brightcove partnered with TVNZ, Mediaworks and Maori TV to deliver Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV (HbbTV) to more than 3.6 million viewers around the country.

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