Bruce Lee & Seth Rogen lift Sky campaign

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The casting tapes of famous Hollywood actors have been used in an extension to SKY Television’s Come With Us brand campaign from DDB New Zealand.

Two 45 second TVCs have been produced, one featuring Bruce Lee and the other Seth Rogen. Each combines real footage from original casting tapes with a brief clip showing them in a key role, which went on to help cement their career.

James Blair, Senior Business Director, DDB, says: “SKY invites audiences on a journey into their amazing world of content every day. We wanted Kiwis to see how far some of the world’s biggest superstars currently appearing on SKY have  come on their own journeys.

SKY is looking to make more of these, including perhaps a glimpse at a couple of Kiwi stars.

“We’re excited to be sharing these casting tapes with Kiwis,” said SKY head of brand Maurine Talpin. “They’re a natural extension to our invitation Come With Us.

“It is great to be able to show true behind the scenes content. Watching the ads you can really see the beginning of the superstardom that awaited these actors.”

The Casting Tape spots began their run on free-to-air television onTuesday.

View the Seth Rogen spot below.



Regional Creative Director, DDB Asia Pacific: Andy Fackrell
Senior Business Director: James Blair
Head of TV Production: Judy Thompson
Editor: Mark Trethewey
Producer: Nikita Kearsley
Rights Management: Bedonna Smith / Julie Arie


SKY Television

Director of Marketing: Mike Watson
Head of Brand: Maurine Talpin

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