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The Comms Council advises that tickets are still available for tomorrow’s Building Diverse & Inclusive Agencies: Beyond the Buzzwords and into Best Practice breakfast event with speakers from BNZ, Air NZ, Clemenger Group NZ and Diversity Works NZ.

Megan Clark, chair of the Commercial Communications Inclusiveness & Diversity Group, said: “Agencies striving to develop diverse and inclusive workplaces are being encouraged to snap up the few remaining tickets.”

The breakfast speaker event, at Stamford Plaza in Auckland, at 7.30am tomorrow (Wednesday 19 September), promises to delve into best practice examples and real-world experiences from organisations which are developing sustainably inclusive and diverse workplaces.

“The panellists include Rachel Hopkins, Jim Moser, and Mark Carrick.”

Megan Clark said this is a must-attend for those involved in the recruitment of new team members, members of agency inclusive and diversity committees or anyone with an interest in developing diverse and inclusive workplaces.

“We are very fortunate to have a fantastic panel of speakers who are champions of diversity and inclusiveness in their workplaces and have achieved great success. They will provide rich experience in this area and valuable insights. As communications agencies, it is important that we strive to create environments that reflect New Zealand so we can tell stories that appeal to as many Kiwis as possible,” Clark said.

The panel includes:

  • Rachel Hopkins, chief executive of Diversity Works New Zealand, who will provide case studies from the 2018 Diversity Awards NZ and speak about the importance of understanding clients’ supply chain inclusiveness and diversity policies.
  • Jim Moser, chief executive of Clemenger Group NZ will speak about Clemenger’s journey towards inclusion and diversity, from where they started to where they are now.
  • Mark Carrick, diversity and inclusion lead, BNZ and Charlotte Downes, diversity and inclusion manager, Air New Zealand, will share how they navigated their client-side journeys towards inclusive and diverse workplaces, the commercial benefits their organisations have experienced and their expectations of their agency partners.

About the Inclusiveness & Diversity Group
The purpose of this committee is to enhance the relevance and competitiveness of the NZ industry by championing the commercial benefits of inclusiveness and diversity, and helping member agencies develop greater inclusiveness and diversity at all levels of their organisations.

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