Campbell+Co launches two international brands into Aotearoa

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AUCKLAND, Wednesday: Independent boutique PR agency Campbell+Co is launching two new international brands into the New Zealand market.

Tommy Gun’s Original Barbershops is a men’s grooming company with origins in Canada and Australia, delivering the ultimate barbershop experience, and is now busy shaking up the men’s grooming industry here.

And hailing from South Australia, Campbell+Co will support the launch of premium wine company The Hidden Sea into New Zealand.

The Hidden Sea founder Justin said: “For every bottle of The Hidden Sea sold, the company removes 10 plastic bottles from the ocean.”

Campbell+Co agency director Vinny Sherry said: “Both companies are now well on their way to building strong brands here in Aotearoathrough strategic communications and story-telling via Campbell+Co, that cuts through the clutter.

“Launching into New Zealand with two flagship shops in Glenfield Mall and Sylvia Park, Tommy Gun’s is disrupting the industry with their promise to deliver the ultimate men’s grooming experience.

“We see them not just as a communications agency, but as a strategic business partner.”

“Combining a traditional barbershop experience with modern luxuries including; front-of-house service, in-store digital and app-based queue busting self-check-in, a free beverage, TV’s built into the mirrors and a wash and scalp massage with a hot towel finish – all included with every service.”

Tommy Gun’s NZ MD, Ghanum Taylor (Auckland-based) said: “Working with Campbell+Co has been awesome and they have helped us to establish the Tommy Gun’s brand in Aotearoa at a rapid pace.

“We’ve seen great results from the work so far, they’ve helped increase brand

awareness and we see them not just as a communications agency, but as a strategic business partner who can help advise us in many areas.”

Campbell+Co agency director,Vinny Sherry said, “The growing team at Campbell+Co is excited to be building on some great wins in the past six months, with these two exciting new clients.

“We’re honoured to work with both, as they grow their presence in New Zealand.”

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