Candle in the Wind

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AUCKLAND, Today: From 6 o’clock this morning, OMANZ members, with support from Go Media, will light up nearly 400 billboards, street furniture and retail signs across the nation with a powerful Stand at Dawn message encouraging New Zealanders to commemorate Anzac Day this Saturday by standing outside their home with a candle.

For the first time since the war, New Zealanders have had this freedom restricted while we band together to fight in a very different type of war; Covid-19.

“The creative was produced in-house by a Defence Force team.”

A Go Media/OMANZ statement, released this morning, said: “This means Anzac Day potentially has more meaning than ever before and now is the time to draw on the many qualities of the Anzac spirit including friendship, resilience, humour, ingenuity, and courage.”

The creative for the campaign was produced in-house by the NZ Defence Force.

The release carried this Note to the Editor: “Due to Covid-19 restrictions and to ensure the safety of our staff we have been unable to capture in-situ images of the creative. Therefore, for the purpose of this release these images have been recreated digitally and so do not reflect current traffic movements.

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