Cannes insight of the week

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“This is a big planet. I know, I’m facing 30 hours of travel to get home. So I think we live in a place where the Kanyes and Bonos both have a job to do.

“And I’m gonna carry that insight with me when I go back to my job.”

– FCB senior creative Peter Vegas.

And this, from PV’s boss, FCB Asia Pacific ECD James Mok:

“I was fortunate enough to attend Cannes again this year – a pretty good result for NZ considering how tough it is to win.

“I thought there was a major trend to simplify ideas and the level of demand campaigns put on consumers to engage to get the message.

“Technology is enormously influential but there was a backlash against technology for tech-sake.

“When you look at the advertising Grand Prix winners, I reckon you can see a simplicity of idea and execution that delivered a strong message and experience immediately.”

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