Car Guy shoots dress shop

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Advertising photographer Simon Harper (aka The Car Guy) has shot a series of images for Amber La Vintage boutique – to promote himself to agency creatives!

“I shot these retro images last Sunday – the model and make-up artist Amber Davies is the owner of this awesome shop in Devonport which is well worth a look-see.

“I wanted to get the message across to creatives that I’m just not the car guy. Don’t get me wrong there nothing wrong with been the car guy but I really enjoy photographing people in different environments.

“I meet Amber through her partner Elliot who does some assisting with me so after meeting her and seeing her boutique I could instantly see the possibilities of creating some nice images.

“The only problem was that as it is a shop we had only a few hours in the early morning to shot before it was open to the public.”

“The shoot was also a trip down memory lane for me as it used to be a doctor’s surgery back in the early 60s and was where my mum used to take me for getting the odd jab in the arm.”

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