The Ghetto Blaster still No 1

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AUCKLAND, Wednesday: Radio users still opt for traditional transistors and car radios, according to the annual radio device insights report conducted by GfK and the Radio Broadcasters Association.

Contemporary devices like mobiles and laptops are virtually ignored as 90.1% of all NZ radio listening takes place via a good old-fashioned AM/FM radio set – either in your car, or your pocket.

“Just 4.6% of Kiwis use streaming on mobile phones.”

Just 4.6% of Kiwis use streaming on mobile phones, 2.5% on PC/laptop and 2.8% access radio via TV or “other devices”.

Most listening takes place in the home or the car. The study utilised data from the S1 2020 radio ratings.

  • Read the full analysis here

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