Experience and new technology see Cartel Media scale up

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AUCKLAND, Today: New business is seeing Newmarket-based indie Cartel Media grow and adopt new technology to support media agencies and direct clients.

Most recently Cartel has invested in the latest Quividi technology to provide their clients with reach and engagement measurements.

Cartel ceo Andy Barron said: “Like our colleagues in the industry, Cartel wants to provide world-leading campaign intelligence and believe the more uptake of this technology amongst media suppliers, the more agencies and clients will understand and have access to the depth of data it can offer.

“Investing in Quividi for DOOH campaigns across our fitness network was a no-brainer.

“The more we can educate our clients about Quividi and the technology it provides, the more demand we create for this world-leading tool.

“Cartel Media will initially place the Quividi technology in digital screens across their expanding fitness network including Les Mills, Anytime Fitness and Snap Fitness.

“Gym media has never been a hard sell; people are generally in a good head space, and there are multiple moments of dwell between sets, and while moving around the different weights or equipment stations.”

“The anonymous data captured in this environment allows for real-time targeting and data as granular as to whether a person is male or female, looking directly at the content and for how long.

“It can even provide information about a person’s mood, are they smiling or frowning – essentially their frame of mind at the time.

“Gym media has never been a hard sell; we know people are generally in a good head space, and there are multiple moments of the dwell between sets, and while moving around the environment to different weights or equipment stations.

“Now with Quividi we have the technology to add another layer of measurement and to better understand people’s engagement with our client’s advertising.”

Scaling up
Cartel is also scaling up to allow for the level of support both agencies and direct clients currently require.

The sales team now consists of national sales managers Joel Halstead and Josh Luxmoore, as well as direct sales manager Fran McDermott.

About Cartel
Cartel Media (previously OMG) has advertising options that span many different lifestyles. Our team has decades of experience working in media and advertising developing an exclusive network of NZ partners that includes hundreds of gyms, indoor centres, bars, stadiums, and event venues.

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