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AUCKLAND, Today: CBD entertainment precinct SkyCity has confirmed a brand refresh across its three NZ outlets (Auckland, Hamilton, and Queenstown), including a new logo, which they say “better reflects the business in 2019”.

Colenso BBDO is the main agency behind the rebrand.  SkyCity says it will provide more credits shortly.

CEO Graeme Stephens said (in a release issued directly by the group): “Taking visual cues from constellation maps and paying homage to the ‘Sky’ in the name, the new SkyCity logo emanates the glow of lights synonymous with the entertainment industry, showcasing the many parts of the business that light up the lives of its customers and people.”

“After careful consideration, the company has also decided to remove the ‘all-caps’ style in favour of SkyCity, still written as a single word.” [a good move, since most NZ media routinely turn capitalised corporate names into proper English].

Stephens says that over the past five years SkyCity has embarked on a significant capital works programme across all sites, evolving into a thriving entertainment precinct with casinos, hotels, attractions and restaurants.

“The ‘all-caps’ branding style goes – a good move, since media routinely turn capitalised corporate names into proper English.”

“Our previous logo dates back to the ’90s when we were formally known as Harrahs. Over the past 22 years, SkyCity has transformed into an exciting and diverse destination, so it’s incredibly important that our new look and feel reflects the business that we’ve become and the role we play in our customers’ lives today.

The new SkyCity logo and illuminated signage is currently being installed across the SkyCity precincts in Auckland, Hamilton and Queenstown.

SkyCity Adelaide
The Adelaide Casino will be rebranded to SkyCity Adelaide next year.

Chief marketing officer Liza McNally says that while the new brand rollout is a complex task, SkyCity is following a sustainable approach, where most branded items will be updated only as needed.

“We’ve been conscious of the need to rebrand ourselves sustainably and organically in order to minimise the environmental footprint of the changes,” she said.

“We are taking a multi-channel approach to seeding our new brand through a combination of our owned web and social media pages, various CSR initiatives, and retail campaigns.

SkyCity is also also lighting up the Sky Tower (until Sunday) with a dark base and glistening gold top – colours that are part of its new brand palette. The new SkyCity logo will also be projected on to the west side of the Sky Tower.

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