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AUCKLAND, Sunday: “It’s easier to run a business than a country,” reckons Herald on Sunday columnist Paul Catmur in the latest edition of the newspaper.

“Some people say we need experienced businesspeople like Sir John Key to run the country, forgetting that Key was not actually a businessman, he was a foreign exchange dealer – which is one up from working in a casino.

Either way, it is far easier to run a business, where everyone has more or less the same aim (make more money) than to run a country where 50 per cent of the population automatically disagree with everything you do as a matter of course.”

“I like Jacinda (please keep reading) – she is doing a pretty good job as Prime Minister, which has probably lost half of any readers who have made it this far.

“Just to even things out, I also think Sir John Key was a pretty good Prime Minister (there go the other half of readers).”

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