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AUCKLAND, Sunday: “Some of you may be wondering why a curmudgeonly ex-advertising type is so keen on encouraging his fellow countryfolk to get vaccinated,” wrote the Herald on Sunday’s Paul Catmur in his column yesterday.

“The answer is, of course, for purely selfish reasons.

“It’s not that big pharma are paying me to push their products (though if they’d like to, I can be reached care of the NZ Herald), it’s because I accept that my best hope of being able to travel, hang out with my friends, and live a life of mild hedonism is if everyone else gets vaccinated too.

“It’s not that Big Pharma pays me to push their products (though I can be reached at the Herald), it’s because my best hope of travel and hanging out with friends is if everyone else gets vaccinated too.”

“I’m also selfish enough to wish to avoid dying just yet. And having spent an uncomfortable couple of days in hospital with pneumonia I really wouldn’t recommend it.

“A couple of jabs in the arm are preferable, trust me.”

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