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AUCKLAND, Today: “Thanks for the ups, but (for once) I wasn’t actually dumped,” writes Paul Catmur in response to yesterday’s M+AD story about the mystery disappearance of his column from the Herald on Sunday.

“While I enjoyed writing my Herald column, I was invited to contribute to The Listener on a freelance basis and my first article appears there this week.

The Listener opportunity coincided with an unpleasant scrape with prostate cancer which severely sapped my writing energy and writing for both publications would have been difficult.

“Still, if they ask me nicely, I may yet reappear.”

“If they ask me nicely, I may yet reappear.”

NZME comms GM Kelly Gunn has confirmed Catmur wasn’t pushed. “It’s not true we have ‘put the skids under him’, as you put it.

“It was Paul’s choice to step back from writing.”

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The content in Reset will be a mix of free and premium content online – not all under premium, and of course the pullout magazine will be available in each edition of the Herald on Sunday from this coming Sunday 21 August.

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