A lucky escape

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AUCKLAND, Sunday: “When I set out to become an advertising copywriter in my late twenties I had a pretty good idea of what the job entailed, and it seemed to be something that I’d quite enjoy,” writes Herald on Sunday columnist Paul Catmur.

“What I found difficult to gauge was whether or not I’d actually be any good at it.

“I nervously took a punt and stumped up the cash to go to advertising college. It was only after several months on the course that I concluded that with a bit of luck I might actually be mediocre enough at it to be able to make a living.

“Passions are best left as hobbies.”

“The universe had somehow led me to a reasonable job, that I wasn’t atrocious at, and that somebody would pay me to do. I was lucky.

“I certainly could have done worse.

If I’d followed my passion for fishing and become a charter skipper I’d have had to get up every morning at 5am to take out a party of incompetents who moaned all day because they’d run out of beer; were feeling seasick; and weren’t killing enough fish.

“To be honest, I get enough of that at the weekend from my mates.

“Passions are best left as hobbies.”

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