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AUCKLAND, Today: BC&F Dentsu founder/ECD Paul Catmur has grown his arresting podcast series since it launched a year ago. His latest additions are Waikato Uni global creativity specialists Mark Kilgour & Huw O’Connor.

They join a collection featuring ad luminaries Shane Bradnick, Marty O’Halloran, Mike O’Sullivan, Sir John Hergarty, Lisa Fedyszyn, Dick Frizzell, Josh Moore, Jill Brinsdon, Mike Watson, Regan Grafton, Damon Stapleton, Toby Talbot, Andrew Stone, and Michael Faudet.

Catmur says: “Although this podcast is generally about the creative side of advertising we’ve expanded it to include suits, clients, directors, music composers, bartenders and general hangers on.

“The single-minded goal of this podcast is to educate, inform and entertain.”

“The single-minded goal of this podcast is to educate, inform and entertain:

  • To provide a loose oral history of the last twenty years of the NZ advertising industry in the mistaken belief that anyone other than us really cares.
  • To give young people an idea of the industry and the characters within and thus to put them off before they decide to apply for employment and waste their lives.
  • To provide the casual listener with something marginally more interesting to occupy their ears with than the other passengers on the bus.”

About Paul Catmur
Catmur, as you can probably tell from his soothing South London drawl, is originally from the UK. After a degree in politics he spent spent five years studying human nature and learning how to beat the system while working as a croupier in casinos in London and the Bahamas. Narrowly avoiding the local drug lords he returned from Freeport to London to study creative advertising at the School of Communication Arts. He became a copywriter, spent many years at Y&R London then came to New Zealand in 2000. He became ECD at DDB NZ for several years, and in Melbourne for George Patterson Y&R for considerably less.

In 2008 he joined with Daniel Barnes to set up Barnes, Catmur & Friends. They set out to build an agency based on the effectiveness of their work rather than the beauty of their scams. BC&F went on to be consistently ranked in Asia Pacific for Effectiveness (#5 in the world). This brought the agency to the attention of Japanese giant, Dentsu, and in early 2016 the agency joined the Dentsu network where they have continued as BC&F Dentsu.

Catmur has managed to reduce his work time so that he can spend more time writing The Great Advertising Novel, walking his dogs and fishing. Oh, and doing this podcast too.

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