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AUCKLAND, Today: BC&F Dentsu co-founder Paul Catmur has created a podcast, called Truth and Soul Incorporated: The New Zealand Advertising Podcast.

He told M+AD readers this morning: “As many of you will know I have reduced hours at my day-time job.

“I have been using this time for alternative creative outlets such as writing a book, dog walking, fishing and now producing a podcast.

“When I say ‘producing a podcast’ I am being a little economical with the truth as Jonathan and the guys at Franklin Road do all the producing while I sit drinking coffee and gossiping with whoever I can talk into chatting about advertising and beyond.

“There’s no great rhyme or reason to the whole thing. I just woke up one morning thinking a New Zealand advertising podcast would be a good thing and if nobody else was going to do it I might as well give it a go.

“Who better to do a podcast than an introvert with a minor speech impediment and a London accent?

“For reasons which he has yet to reveal to me, Jonathan at Franklin Road also thought this was a good idea and kindly bullied his team into providing the aural, caffeinated and technical expertise to bring the whole project to life.

“Who better to do a podcast than an introvert with a minor speech impediment and a London accent?”

“ ‘Haven’t we got enough podcasts?’, I sense you asking. Well, maybe so, but I’m a big fan of advertising podcasts from around the world, particularly the UK, and I thought it was time this hole was plugged.

“When asked who the target audience is for the podcast, I reply: ‘me’. Hopefully I’m not the only middle-aged advertising person from New Zealand who likes podcasts relevant to my existence; I guess I will find out soon.

“We are launching with four of them together in order to stop you listening to one and then forgetting about it in the weeks before I can talk someone else into doing it.

“Many thanks to the first four subjects: Damon Stapleton, Mike Watson, Regan Grafton and Jill Brinsdon. Bizarrely they all claimed to enjoy the experience, which is good news for the next subjects I will be pestering into appearing.

“We have sessions with Jim Hall and Josh Moore in the can (I understand this to be the correct terminology) but we need some editing as well as clearance from the Truth and Soul Incorporated legal team before they can be released on an uncaring world.

“Have a listen when you have some spare podcast time.

“Don’t forget to ‘Like and Subscribe’ (as I believe the young people say).

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