AA Life Insurance and Quantum Jump celebrate life’s joyful moments

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AUCKLAND, Today: AA Life Insurance and Quantum Jump have unveiled a fresh campaign highlighting life’s joyous moments. Instead of the usual insurance fears, they focus on fun and precious times that make you smile.

As the market enters a busy period, this campaign shifts towards celebrating joy, moving away from scaremongering.

“We asked Quantum Jump to approach the category differently,” said Adelia Prayugo, Marketing Manager. “We love how the team have brought this sentiment to life, bringing a distinct playfulness to a category that can often be too serious.”

“We’re focused on celebrating the small moments within the big ones.”

Quantum Jump CEO Ben Goodale added, “Departing from conventional imagery and language cues, we’ve opted to showcase everyday moments that genuinely bring a smile to your face. Stitching these moments together allows the campaign to relish life’s joy. We’re focused on celebrating the small moments within the big ones.”

Rocket has planned the media for this campaign, which is running across OOH, radio, YouTube, TikTok, native, and display.


AA Life Insurance
Acting Head of Marketing & Communications: Danielle Gapes
Marketing Manager: Adelia Prayugo
Marketing Specialist: Ceejay Rodrigues

Quantum Jump
Creative Partner: Wayne Pick
Creative Partner: Drew Ayers
Copywriter: Scott Kelly
Business Director: Zoë MacDonald-Mair
Account Manager: Bella Chaytor Waddy
Digital Execution: Justin Biddle
CEO: Ben Goodale

Business Director: Bex Smith
Digital Director: Lisa Bradley
Account Manager: Meredith Jeory

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