Ceres Organics, Phantom & Band Napier spread the EcoSocial word (Updated)

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Ceres Organics – NZ owned and proud of it – is addressing the issue of mounting landfill with a home compostable transparent pack for its certified organic EcoSocial white quinoa, which is now being advertised in a Peruvian inspired campaign, running across PR, Phantom Billboards and social media.

The creative for the Phantom ads was rolled out by Napier indie shop Band, with the packaging by Marx Designs Auckland.

With New Zealanders producing about 15.5 million tonnes of waste per year, compostable packaging is a sustainable solution that aligns with Ceres Organics’ mission to be both ecologically and socially responsible.

Ceres Organics’ core purpose is to create a better world by enabling organics to be part of everyday life. In everything they do they are always looking for new ways to reduce impact on the planet.

So for several years they have been working on a more environmentally friendly option for packaging, that still guarantees the same product integrity. The result is a world first home compostable pouch, with the first product launching in this new packaging their white quinoa.

The marketing team behind the launch hopes the fun and innovative campaign will resonate with the hearts and minds of caring Kiwis.

“Nadia Lim ran a Peruvian pop-up restaurant for two nights in Auckland and Christchurch.”

An integrated campaign that celebrates the provenance of Ceres Organics’ quinoa which is responsibly and organically sourced in Peru, Ceres Organics teamed up with Nadia Lim to put on a Peruvian pop-up restaurant for two nights in Auckland and Christchurch and commissioned Kiwi illustrator Evie Kemp to create a series of illustrations of the new compostable pouch and quinoa plants in vibrant colours, nodding to the melting pot of Peruvian culture.

These illustrations lead the advertising campaign and inspired the creatives for the Peruvian pop-up restaurant.

In the Phantom Billboards campaign, Ceres Organics created an interactive programme with a social component around the idea of ‘spreading the word’.

To achieve this, they are running a four-week Phantom campaign through October and November, targeted to high foot traffic areas around Auckland.

Within the artwork Ceres has hidden stickers, creating a treasure hunt for people to ‘spread the word’ that they are #keentoprotecttheplanet. The message is to find a sticker, peel it, stick it somewhere, Instagram it #keentoprotecttheplanet & win.

This message is also being promoted through Ceres Organics social channels (Instagram and Facebook). To encourage participation, they have some great quinoa related prizes up for grabs, including packets of quinoa, exclusive prints of the quinoa plant by Evie Kemp, a limited edition print of the quinoa book, and Typhoon benchtop compost bins.

It was important to Ceres Organics to share the love to the rest of the country, so the campaign is not just Auckland-centric. To do this they are focusing on social to get people outside of the area to ‘spread the word’ by sharing content through social. They will also get the opportunity to win prizes through sharing the message.


Creative Agency: Band Napier
Director/Conceptualiser: Kate Cavanagh
Art Director: Al Mackie
Financials: Rach Weeks

Design Agency: Marx Design
Creative Director: Ryan Marx
Account Director: Janine Bickerton

PR: Pead Auckland
Founder/CEO: Deborah Pead
Account Manager: Samantha McKenna

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