Not Another launches new website and positioning

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CHRISTCHURCH, Thursday: New Zealand full-service creative agency Not Another is today announcing the launch of its new website.

Not Another co-founders Adrien Taylor and Mark Townshend advise the new website is now live and “is a manifestation of the agency’s newly established positioning of “Creating the Brands Creating The Future.

Mark Townshend said: “Since our founding in 2019, Not Another has worked tirelessly to design and build brand identities, brand strategies, and marketing campaigns for a range of global clients.”

Now, with the launch of its new website, the Christchurch and Sydney-based company “further emphasises its mission to collaborate with the most innovative and progressive companies around the globe”.

Adrien Taylor said: “Our new positioning is all about aligning ourselves with those who are actively creating the future we want for ourselves and society. 

“Nothing is harder than being your own client.”

“We want to work with companies that aren’t just thinking short-term about the next financial quarter but are also working long term on solving some of humanity’s most pressing challenges, like climate change.

“With our fast-growing 15-strong team, have worked to ensure the new website reflects this forward-thinking ethos.

“The website showcases the agency’s innovative approach to branding, design, marketing campaigns, and Webflow solutions.

“As one of the world’s leading certified Webflow Enterprise partners with multiple global awards under its belt, Not Another felt the pressure to deliver with its own website.”

Mark Townshend: “Nothing is harder than being your own client. “We’ve pushed every single pixel around until it was in the perfect place.”

“Our new website is more than just a digital space – it’s an embodiment of our commitment to innovation and progressive thinking. It’s built to showcase not just what we do, but who we are, and the kind of future-focused companies we aim to partner with.

“Not Another’s launch, following the successful launch of the agency’s, a dedicated Webflow agency, showcases the company’s commitment to digital innovation and its desire to continually evolve in the rapidly changing digital landscape.”

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