Cheeky kids work for iSite & ad students

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Thanks to a partnership between AUT and iSite Media one clever creative concept from two AUT students will soon see their Vitafresh ads plastered on bus backs and billboards all over town. 

Twenty student teams were tasked with generating an idea for the recently launched Vitafresh Made For Kids fruit drink. The work formed part of their final year AUT Adschool assessment with the top idea securing a large media campaign over December and January.

Auckland agency The Business has both iSite and Vitafresh as clients and brought both brands together for the partnership. “We thought Vitafresh was the perfect brand to get the students creative juices flowing, some fantastic exposure for our client’s new product and a great way to showcase iSite’s media strengths – everyone wins,” said The Business strategy director Ben Cochrane.

The winning concept is the brainchild of final year AUT Adschool students Tara Collins and Ruby Soole. Their work stood out for the judges, as the honest approach was a perfect fit for the Vitafresh product.

Vitafresh Made For Kids is 98% sugar free and has no nasty additives, so with this in mind Collins and Soole developed an idea that drew on the insight that ‘kids don’t sugar coat it so we don’t either’.

The iSite media will include handwritten quips like ‘Mummy, I love you sometimes. From Lily’, ‘Thank you for the baby brother but what I wished for was a puppy. From Mia’ and ‘Dear Mrs Hillary, Ur a gud teacher but not my most favorite. From Jesse’.

Collins and Soole wanted to emphasise the sometimes-brutal honesty and untainted view that young children have on the world around them. “They’re truthful but naïve, so they speak their mind” says Soole.

The Vitafresh campaign was a great challenge for the students this year as it’s an established brand, but this is a new offering for them, says iSite’s Rupert Fenton. “Vitafresh has been around for a long time, and many people will recognise the brand. This offering meets the growing demand for healthier fruit drink options as the only fruit drink on the market that’s low in sugar.”

Vitafresh marketing manger Jane Bennett said they appreciated the opportunity to be the brand behind the iSite initiative. “The campaign provides a great way to get in touch with consumers and the concept works perfectly with our brand. The calibre of ideas really impressed,” she said.

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