Chemistry creates magic for Contiki

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Westhaven indie agency Chemistry Interaction has crafted a new campaign for global youth travel brand Contiki – founded by Kiwi businessman John Anderson in 1962. Chemistry’s work will support Contiki’s global No Regrets campaign.

The NZ focus is on the Contiki Facebook page and a competition that will send five young New Zealanders – the Contiki Squad –on a European Magic Trip in November.

Contiki has identified five distinct millennial traveller archetypes which it will seek to replicate in the Sqad:

  1. The Wanderer, a free spirit always opting for the scenic route
  2. The Classic Kiwi, who wears jandals everywhere, regardless of the season
  3. The Organiser, who always carries an itinerary and a bag of supplies
  4. The Risk Taker, who jumps without looking and eats all sorts of quirky food
  5. The Entertainer, who has the power to persuade people to party no matter how long the day was.

The top two Kiwis from each category are currently battling it out on the Contiki Squad Facebook page to win the votes of their peers.

Chemistry’s campaign has received 2160 entries as well as 2497 likes, with the help of social media and spots on NZME radio stations ZM and Flava. The finalist posts on the Facebook page have received impressive engagement rates, with more than 9000 people interacting with the posts and casting their vote so far.

“We needed a local promotion to support our global No Regrets campaign activity, so we worked with the teams at Chemistry Interaction and NZME to take the Contiki Squad idea from concept to fruition within a very compact time frame,” said the Travel Corporation NZ director of marketing & communications Tony Laskey.

“It’s great to work with creative and media partners that understand the Contiki brand and our customers’ needs and are able to deliver an engaging experience to them.”

Chemistry Interaction account director Mel Moss says the agency is “super stoked” with the response rate and overwhelmed with how many Kiwis are getting involved with the Contiki Squad campaign.

“If you chat to anyone about their personal Contiki experience, it’s always the people they remember, which is why our idea had to highlight the unique group dynamic of a Contiki trip,” Moss said. “To ensure success we kept mechanics simple, the application process easy and made sure it appealed to all types of Kiwis between 18-35.”

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