Chemistry Interaction & Fish bring you Sovereign’s Health Age Generator

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Westhaven-based Chemistry Interaction has helped Sovereign launch its Health Age Generator which gives Kiwis a personalised snapshot of how they are faring on the health front – including potential bonus or penalty ‘health age’ years, based on lifestyle choices made. 

Video content titled, How old are you really? was created by Fish&Clips to demonstrate how the Health Age Generator works.

The video features former Weta Workshop visual effects artist Abi Taylor, and unveils the health age of three people from different walks of life in an unexpected way.

Transforming their appearances to represent their health age through the application of special effects make-up, the result of the Health Age Generator is revealed to the three Kiwis.

It was good news for some and a bleaker outlook for others.

Underpinned by national research findings of 1200 Kiwis who took the Health Age Generator, the health age of the nation was showcased through a media relations campaign, with two penalty years uncovered as the national average (two years added to the biological age of Kiwis). Twenty penalty years were noted on the extreme end of the health spectrum.

Sovereign chief marketing and strategy officer Chris Lamers said the Health Age Generator is about checking in on where you are now with your health and being aware of the ways you can take charge of your behaviour and lifestyle choices.

“Taking a temperature check on our health is really important; sometimes we don’t know what we’re doing wrong until something actually goes wrong. The Health Age Generator gives Kiwis a tool to draw a line in the sand on where they are at and for some people a much needed wakeup call.”

The Health Age Generator developed by Synergy Health Research, analyses key physical, mental and behavioural components. This information is used to calculate penalty years (indicating a negative health outlook compared to the norm), or bonus years (indicating a positive health outlook compared to the norm); to generate a personalised health report with recommendations on what steps can be taken to improve overall health.

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