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AUCKLAND, Today: On a mission to cut through unnecessary jargon in the business world of healthy beverages and build direct online sales, indie shop Chemistry has launched a new social media campaign for Onepure artesan water products.

Chemistry senior account manager Sarah Atkinson said: “The creative platform is all about cutting through the BS and simplifying things for Onepure customers. 

“The Put Purely campaign is all about simplifying water jargon and communicating the benefits of Onepure products in a language that customers will love and understand.

“A brainchild of Chemistry’s growing in-house social media team, the strategic focus of this campaign was to implement a full-scale marketing funnel to maximise website traffic and nurture sales through to conversion.

“Built through simple animation, the campaign heroes different parts of the product range, tailoring creative executions and messaging to five different personas.

“Targeting NZ only – for now – Chemistry will build on this campaign to grow Onepure beverage products further into the US market in 2022.”

“From the die-hard foodies to the convenience chasers and athletes, the campaign aims to build on each persona’s needs and educate them about Onepure’s unique water products through Facebook’s instant experience platform and video placements.

“The social media team here at Chemistry focused on utilising Facebook’s most creative formats to push out the action-based creative and drive users’ to sample products from Onepure, all while adding a bit of attitude into our communications.

“Targeting New Zealand only, for now, Chemistry will build on this campaign and grow Onepure beverage products further into the US market in 2022.”

Onepure GM Grant Verry said: “Chemistry understands the direction we want to take our brand in and how to cut through the clutter to engage audiences.”

Put Purely will run across social media and digital platforms from today until 14 October.


Client: Onepure
GM: Grant Verry
Agency: Chemistry
Creative Directors: Patrick Murphy and Susan Young
Art Director: Sarah Chernishov
Copywriter: Matt Watts
Managing Partner: Mel Moss
Senior Account Manager: Sarah Atkinson
Social Media Team: Amelia Petrovich, Theo Larmer-Cottle and Courtney Tremewan

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