Partner Violence

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AUCKLAND, Today: Eden Terrace-based indie shop Chillbox Creative has produced (inhouse) a moving video for domestic violence agency Shine to help counter a rise in partner abuse.

The video, which features some powerful scripting, is screening at Shine‘s website and social channels.

Everyone involved in making the video – from the actor to the crew members, gave their time and expertise at pro-bono or reduced rates.

“We hope this campaign will inspire New Zealanders to empathise with victims.”

Chillbox CD Gabriel Lunte says that since working with Shine, his team has learned that escape from a domestic abuse situation is rarely as simple as just running away.

“With this campaign, we wanted to impress the reality that even the strongest, most resilient of survivors are not always in a position to escape safely without help,” he said.

“It was our hope that this campaign would inspire New Zealanders to empathise with victims, and support Shine in their efforts to help survivors get safe and stay safe.”


Client: Kiri Carter, Shine
Agency: Chillbox
Creative team/Video Production: Carys Newton and Gabriel Lunte
Actor: Kiri Naik
PR: Catherine Bright, Wright Communications

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