Ponsonby chills out for summer

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It’s all downhill now till summertime arrives – peak time for cooling drink products. And the people behind Almighty Juice and Phantom have been quick off the mark with some startling outdoor displays.

This eyecatcher, at Ponsonby Central on Ponsonby Rd, caught our eye.

“The people behind Almighty Juice are finicky, in the nicest possible way,” Phantom’s latest Phan Mail newsletter tells us.

“They only use premium organic fruit and vegetables in their juices. They insist on using local suppliers for all their produce as well as recyclable packaging. And they’re picky about how they promote their range.”

So why did they choose street posters? Marketing manager Tom Offenberger explained: “Phantom Billstickers have always been super-relaxed, responsive to requests and easy to communicate with. Some of our needs in the past have likely been a bit finicky but they have always delivered specific sites we wanted to target, and allowed us to be flexible with bookings.

“All you need is some kick-ass, colourful creative. Almighty nailed that too.”

“It’s been great to target specific areas around our restaurant and café stockists. We feel this has been beneficial to building consumer awareness.”

Phan Mail said: “Street posters are a natural for brands that want to take the next step up from digital and social media. With over 6500 sites around New Zealand, plus the ability to target areas with heavy foot traffic and the right demographics, Phantom offers up-and-coming brands access to consumers on the path to purchase.

“Then all you need is some kick-ass, colourful creative. Almighty nailed that too.

“With vivid colours and clean but quirky design, the Almighty Juice campaign manages to showcase its products and build a personality that’s larger than life. In our expert opinion, these are posters that really stand out at street level.

“Another thing we like about Almighty Juice is the way their brand walks the talk. As well as donating money from every bottle sold to edible education programmes, it also wants to change the way New Zealanders relate to food.”

Tom Offenberger said: “The idea has always been to make a premium organic juice for everyone, and to do so in a way that’s as sustainable possible, using local suppliers for produce, manufacture and the production of our recyclable packaging,” says.

“Almighty contributes money from every bottle of juice sold to edible education programmes operating around New Zealand. And our staff are out in school vege gardens every week helping teach kids about growing food and being healthy.”

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