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SHANGHAI, Today: Chinese students and their desire to study abroad is a major drawcard for Australian and New Zealand education institutes, according to Chinese comms agency United Media Solutions.

In 2017, 608,400 Chinese students chose to study abroad, an increase of nearly 12% over the previous year, with the majority of those students self-paying for the experience. And UMS says this climb is continuing into 2019.

UMS’ Shanghai-based business development manager Tanya Cai said: “For Chinese students, and their parents, studying in Australia and New Zealand is desirable due to a number of factors – the two countries’ high education standards, accessible student visa policies, affordable fees and living expenses, general safety, and career development opportunities.”

“They like our high education standards, accessible visa policies, affordable fees, safety, career development opportunities.”

About UMS
UMS is a full-service independent digital agency, which specialises in social media. UMS partners with leading international companies to connect their brands with Chinese consumers through targeted creative communications. UMS has worked with Air New Zealand, Ecostore, Harrolds, Orbis Australasia, New Zealand Avocado, NZ Education, NZ Trade & Enterprises, PowerShop, Rockit Apple, Tourism NZ, THL, Villa Maria, Virgin Atlantic, Visit Britain and Vodafone.

UMS has offices in Shanghai, Melbourne, Auckland and Ningbo with a team of 50 staff.

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