Chris Clark makes a splash as Surf Filmmaker of the Year

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AUCKLAND, Yesterday: Chris Clark, known for his work in commercials, has been named Kiwi Filmmaker of the Year at the Aotearoa Surf Film Festival for his surfing passion.

His film Wai Is The Yang dives into the mental health benefits of surfing and has captivated global audiences.

Initially just about surfing, Wai Is The Yang goes beyond to explore its impact on mental well-being, sparking discussions on surfing, mental health, and community.

“People are ‘feeling’ the film, more than ‘seeing’ it.”

Clark shares, “Surfing prepares the mind for my day job as a commercials director. It has been wonderful to see Wai Is The Yang create moving discussions about the ocean, community, and mental health.

“I think it offers audiences a deeper understanding of being human.”

His film not only showcases his directorial prowess but also strikes a chord with its deep, meditative look at surfing’s therapeutic effects.

Chris expressed his thanks, saying, “People are ‘feeling’ the film, more than ‘seeing’ it,” highlighting the emotional impact of his work. Wai Is The Yang is available for those interested in experiencing its transformative message.

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