Mental Health Foundation launches All Sorts (updated)

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WELLINGTON, Friday: Christchurch indie design & branding agency McCarthy has helped the Ministry of Health and the Mental Health Foundation to launch All Sorts, a campaign that aims to shine a light on the challenges New Zealanders face amid the latest wave of Covid-19 infections.

Mental Health Foundation ceo Shaun Robinson said: “All Sorts is a wonderful resource that will help connect people with tips and advice they need and a little inspiration too.

All Sorts is here to remind New Zealanders that we may be feeling all sorts of feelings and emotions right now, and there are all sorts of ways of coping and supports available. It reminds us that we can get through this with the support of friends, whānau, our community and those we love.”

The Mental Health Foundation also worked with Auckland & Christchurch-based independent media agency Calibre+Candor to execute the media campaign.

Comms & marketing manager Sophia Graham said: “The quality of the collaboration with our agency partners has given us confidence knowing we are on track to deliver a great campaign and ultimately help many New Zealanders through a challenging period.

“McCarthy has been working with the Mental Health Foundation since the earthquakes in Ōtautahi, creating design and communication to help people get through in difficult times.

“All Sorts launched with a video-led campaign supported by radio, digital audio, outdoor and social.”

Director Stephen McCarthy said: “Our creative and concept for the campaign recognises everyone is at different stages and all sorts of emotions are normal in this covid environment.

“The creative is a whimsical, light-hearted illustrated take with large, hand-drawn emotions and characters at the core of the idea. The messaging and tone helps put people at ease and encourages them to find ways, no matter how big or small to lessen anxiety and uncertainty around this time.”

Calibre+Candor head of client service Nick Dykes said: “We identified a clear and simple insight that informed our approach. By its very nature, media can create moments of pause in our lives. It can also be the cause of heightened anxiety.

“We wanted the All Sorts message to connect with people when they found themselves with a moment to pause, either by chance or by design. It is in these moments when people are most likely to be open and receptive to our message and it will have the most effect.”

“This brief struck a chord with the team who are all too aware of the stress that can build due to a level of expectation that exists within our industry. It made us realise exactly how important it is to pause, take a moment and ensure we are maintaining a balanced and positive frame of mind.”

All Sorts launched last week with a video-led campaign supported by radio, digital audio, outdoor and social – driving all people to the website.

Who shot it?
M+AD asked the foundation for more detailed agency credits, and the name of the film company, but had received no response by press time this morning.


Client: Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand
Communications and Marketing Manager: Sophia Graham
Communications and Marketing Specialist: Renee Fox
Communications and Marketing Project Lead Client: Anna Gough
Creative: McCarthy
Media: Calibre + Candor

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