Christchurch indie shoots Hell Pizza (updated)

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Christchurch-based freelance creatives Nick White & Logan McMillan, working with indie Snorkel Productions, have written and shot Hell Rider, a new TVC for Hell Pizza.

White and McMillan have been working for Hell since 2010, when they shot the Deliver Me To Hell YouTube interactive series (which has since garnered about 40 million views). Snorkel is owned by McMillan and producer Sade Jones.

The new ad, which was shot with professionals actors (not mates, as incorrectly published last week), is running on Facebook, YouTube and TV.

Snorkel, which has been in the market for the past three years, writes and directs short films, music videos, and promo videos.

Barnes Catmur & Friends Dentsu has most recently been associated with Hell. But no ad agency was involved in this latest production.

“Hell approach us with a new product and we work with them on the creative”,” Logan McMillan said.


Creative: Nick White & Logan McMillan
Director: Logan McMillan
Producer: Sade Jones
DOP: Kirk Pflaum
Editor & Audio Post: Richard Lord

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