Cibo Parnell, 2014!

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Readers have filled in the gaps around last week’s Legends’ Lunch photo – notably the location (Cibo Parnell) and the date (it was shot in 2014).

“That lunch was overflowing with ideas,” said one of our giants (Ross Goldsack), lending first-person weight to the theory that the best ideas come over a few drinks.

“Looks like Cibo to me,” wrote Phillip Hart. “No question, that photo is at Cibo,” wrote Joseph Silk. And, “the picture looks very much like it was taken at Cibo’s in Parnell,” from Bree Nicholls.

Flavio wrote: “Surely any credible media professional – even the esteemed Mr Gapes – will instantly recognise the distinctive floral walls of Cibo, Parnell?”

But the last word belongs to Joseph Silk, who alerted us to the original photo in … StopPress (

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