What makes Kiwi cinemagoers tick?

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Researchers from NZ cinema marketing agency Screen Vistas have dug deep into social media resources to produce detailed profiles of the typical moviegoer.

They surveyed 1200 Kiwis (via social media) and followed up – separately – their answers using audience insights tools to do social listing – observing behaviour, likes and dislikes, brands engaged with, and other personal information.

Here are six key trends and insights …

  1. 90% of participants visit the movies early to see shorts and previews.
  2. All participants have mobile devices – not one person is using desktop only!
  3. 35% of participants are in a committed relationship, but not married (9otential target opportunities include jewellery stores, event planning, wedding & event venues, home loan companies, banks, and mortgage brokers).
  4. 80%of participants watch movies with family and friends.
  5. Over 70%of participants are in a committed relationship (potential target opportunities include domestic appliances, home furnishings stores, hardware stores, online shopping stores, baby products, toy companies, garden companies, and night products and events).
  6. 75% of participants have tertiary education (higher discretionary income levels).

“This combo of research and social listing has enabled Screen Vistas to really learn a lot more about their customers, and what they really want,” says marketer Melissa Harris.

“Nowadays, connecting with people happens across multiple screens, from multiple locations, around the clock,” she said.

“Because digital advertising affords us so many opportunities to communicate across the board, Screen Vistas has been busy engaging with people – creating pathways to understand more about cinema viewers.

“Recognising the needs of our key partners, we’ve journeyed to gather greater audience information and data – demographics, motivations and behaviours, frequency and socioeconomic information.”

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