Cirkus animates AU campaign in Takapuna

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AUCKLAND, Today: The Cirkus troupe has been beavering away on a fun and clever campaign for Rosemary Health, an on-line Australian health brand. 

Cirkus animation director Christian Greet said: “In place of the health sector’s typical staid marketing featuring doctors in white lab coats, Sydney-based Milk + Honey United broke the mold and revamped Rosemary’s branding from the ground up with a distinctive and joyful claymation-style campaign that includes films, digital, website, social, and out-of-home.

“The agency had us pitch against some Aussie and English companies and chose Cirkus to do the job.”

“Centrepiece of the campaign is a series of high-energy films featuring a lovably ramshackle animated band called Fully Sick banging out a catchy indie rock tune with cheeky lyrics describing the benefits of online care (Doctors without the waiting rooms, Pills without the eye-popping bills, Repeat prescriptions from our pharmacists unless you need an exorcist), concluding with the song chorus tagline Rosemary Feels Better.

“The work was created in Takapuna.

“The agency had us pitch against some Aussie and English companies and chose Cirkus to do the job.”


Client: Rosemary Health AU
Head of Marketing: Sara Lim
CEO/Co-founder: Roman Bonjean

Agency: Milk + Honey United Sydney
Co-founder/CCO: Steve Jackson, Andy DiLallo
CD: Grant McAloon
Head of Design: Ramon Rodriguez
Managing Director: Hazelle Klonhammer
Head of production: Monique Pardavi
Strategist: Catherine King

Production: Cirkus NZ
Animation Director: Christian Greet
Storyboarding/design: Amber Edwards
3D Modelling/Texturing: James Turnbull, Phil James, Audee Halim, James Hyun
Rigging/BFX/CGI: Ambar Nair, Arpan Biswas Ben Traje, Tapas Basu, Laurent Mercereau
3D Animation: Joon Seok Yoon, Tim Shuo Li, Bruno Etchepare, Amber Edwards
Lighting/Rendering: Christian Greet
Compositing: Christian Greet
Producer: Audee Halim

Music/sound design: Squeak E. Clean Studios
Music Composition: Scott Langley
Sound Design/Mix: Simon Lister
Music Producer: Karla Henwood

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