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Yesterday’s M+AD coverage of the New York-based Midas Awards omitted to mention the small matter of two more Golds (and a Silver) for NZ – won by Cirkus Animation for SCB Pinball.

The Golds came in the Animation category, and the Silver in Non-Broadcast Film.

Yesterday’s report covered only the two Gold Midas Awards won by Special Group & Finch. We missed the Cirkus act because the entry was filed by TBWA\ Singapore.

Cirkus ringmaster Marko Klijn said: Singapore Production company Six Toes and TBWA\Singapore commissioned us to build a real Standard Chartered Bank Pinball machine to convey that with SCB’s newest credit card, unlimited cashbacks can be enjoyed.

“Following the script and board of TBWA’s creative team, the pinball hits and activates varying amounts of cashback in the travel, shopping and dining areas. The pinball gathers points before the targets reset and get ready to play again since the cashback is unlimited!

“We had to ask ourselves: how would a craftsman design and build this gadget? The challenge was figuring out how to make it not shiny but real, requiring a lot of attention in the look development.

“In true Cirkus style, Juggler Christian Greet and Human Cannonball Romain Borrel chose to make the device ‘not the same’.

“First off, the illustration team determined the machine’s layout, mechanisms and design. By approaching the project this way 3D modelling was minimised and, more importantly, ensured we see the quirky human hand present in this labour of love.”

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