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In response to the growing trend of consumers becoming more socially-conscious, BrandWorld has launched an engaging new storytelling platform that “speaks to the heart of every New Zealander”.

Our Backyard showcases the efforts made by businesses to create a sustainable, caring and dynamic New Zealand. These are the types of businesses socially conscious consumers want to support.

Kiwis care about their communities, and feel empowered when supporting businesses and initiatives that make a difference.

“We’re proud of our country and the people and organisations who are not only making a success out of being unique, but are helping make our country a better place to live,” Our Backyard ambassador Grieg Buckley says.

“It’s about loyalty. We like to give those who are committed to supporting our communities, and are socially and environmentally aware, an opportunity to tell their stories. We need to hear about who is making a difference.”

Fronted by singer/songwriter Jason Kerrison, the series takes consumers on a journey to emphasise the good work being done by some businesses.

Take Mercury Energy. Thanks to the help of the Mercury Energy Star Supporters Club more than $8 million has been donated to Auckland’s Starship Hospital.

According to Mercury Energy, every family with a sick child needs a strong community behind them, giving the support and energy that will get them through a tough time – that’s what is at the heart of Mercury Energy’s partnership with the Starship Foundation, and the 31,000 New Zealanders who want to make a difference.

From funding world-class paediatric team training workshops; fold-down beds so parents can stay with their children overnight to colourful murals and well-resourced playrooms to make hospital a more child-friendly environment, relaying this inspiring message in a down-to-earth Kiwi way is inspiring and the results are compelling, Buckley says. “Since the launch, customer satisfaction has increased dramatically.”

Why use this format to share content? “Quite simply, it works. BrandWorld owns the intellectual property on this concept, which offers clients a platform to tell these stories through guaranteed media exposure in quality environments.”

Our Backyard uses TVCs (, an online content hub (, native advertising in the Sunday Star Times and exposure through the Neighbourly website to tell the stories of businesses supporting communities.

“Marketing is no longer about a presenter selling goods onscreen, instead a third party endorsement gives companies the opportunity to allow these stories to be told in a manner that consumers can trust and relate to,” Buckley says. “This concept is relevant to a multitude of clients across many categories.”

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