Clemenger Group merges Sapien & Perceptive to provide new level of customer insights

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WELLINGTON, Thursday: Leading customer intelligence agency Perceptive has announced a planned merger with behavioural science specialists Sapien. The combined strength of the two Clemenger Group agencies is intended to lead to a new level of exceptional customer insights and behavioural research for their clients.

Auckland-based Perceptive ceo Chris Pescott says, “It is with great pride and excitement that I announce the merging of Sapien with Perceptive.

Sapien co-founders Mark Vincett and Manya Craig will join the Perceptive team but will remain at their current base at 318 Richmond Rd, Grey Lynn in Auckland.

Prescott said: “I’m thrilled to be working with the Sapien team, and I hold both Mark and Manya in the highest of regards. I look forward to supporting their vision for the Sapien business moving forward, as it has a unique offering to the market.

“Based on the success of their offering thus far, it is quite clear that the business has a very bright future.”

“Sapien will continue to work closely with 99 and Raydar.”

The intention is to leverage Perceptive’s talent and capability to scale the Sapien team in that location. Sapien will continue to work closely with 99 and Raydar, and boasts a number of impressive clients both inside and outside the wider Clemenger network.

Insight director Manya Craig says the formation of Sapien is a testament to the immense value that new research methods can add for existing and prospective marketing clients.

“Timing is often the magic ingredient to success and I am so excited by the gift of good timing when it comes to Sapien,” she said.

“The team have been working with behavioural science understanding for several years, but now the time is right to combine that thinking with new, more accessible, next-generation research tools through Perceptive’s expertise.”

About Sapien
Sapien goes beyond traditional research methodologies to understand human behaviour in its purest form. Sapien’s curated toolkit of technology provides a perfect foundation to uncover human truths that will power authentic and effective creative work across Perceptive and the rest of the Clemenger Group.

About Perceptive
Perceptive is a leading Australasian technology-based research agency. Perceptive provides research and insights programmes to a variety of organisations across the Asia-Pacific, North America and the UK.

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