Clemenger puts viewers in the cop car driver’s seat

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A new Clemenger BBDO campaign currently catching eyeballs on behalf of the NZ Transport Agency aims to put speed enforcement within the bigger picture of preventing harm on our roads.

Directed by Christopher Riggert of Finch, In My Shoes follows a police constable in his duties, giving viewers a glimpse of just some of the things he’s doing his best to shield us from.

In each scene, he removes his police hat and speaks to us directly, from one human to another.

NZTA principal adviser Rachel Prince said: “Speeding tickets are a real source of frustration for many, and sadly this frustration fuels a lot of the conversation around speed. There’s a real perception that it’s about revenue collection. But if you speak to any cop, anywhere in the country, they’ll give you a very different answer.”

Clemenger ECD Brigid Alkema said: “When you hear the confronting stories of the harm any Kiwi cop has had to see, you can understand why they’ll do anything they can to reduce it. We used these heart-wrenching stories to bring a very human angle to their job.”


Client: NZ Transport Agency
Agency: Clemenger BBDO
Media Agency: OMD
Production Company: FINCH

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