Nespresso engages George Clooney for climate change campaign

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AUCKLAND, Today: Nespresso is highlighting the threat posed by climate change to global coffee production and shining a spotlight on efforts to protect it – with an ad campaign starring George Clooney, produced by JWT Worldwide.

Helping to spread the word in NZ is Pead (formerly known as Pead PR).

Clooney (Nespresso’s global brand ambassador) said: “Currently, 60% of wild coffee species are endangered and 50% of the land used to grow coffee today could be unviable by 2050.

The Empty Cup is George Clooney’s 16th campaign for Nespresso.”

“Fine-grade Arabica is particularly vulnerable to weather shock. The threat of climate change is real and coffee farmers are on the front line.”

Nespresso NZ MD Stefan Vermeulen said: “I hope The Empty Cup will provide a powerful metaphor that climate change can have on our daily coffee moment.

“While also heroing and protecting vulnerable coffee communities globally, Nespresso is also committed to showing Kiwis how their small recycling act can have a large positive impact, right here in New Zealand.”

The Empty Cup is George Clooney’s 16th campaign for Nespresso.

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