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AUCKLAND, Today: Stanley St has brought back the Share a Coke campaign with a new range of names available on pre-printed bottles, reflecting (says PR agency Campbell+Co) “New Zealand as it is today”.

Sione, Wiremu, Mei, Sunita and Fatima are examples of the first names included in the list of more than 300 that will be available in stores.

By visiting, Kiwis can also personalise special 330ml glass Coke and Coke No Sugar bottles and Share a Coke with friends and family who have an uncommon name, nickname or just need something to reflect their special personality.

300ml, 600ml and 1.5l bottles of Coke will be available throughout New Zealand, with more than 300 first names pre-printed and ready to share with a friend. This is an increase of more than 150 names from the previous Share a Coke campaign and with names like Mei, Sunita, Fatima, Sione and Wiremu, a whole lot more Kiwis will find the name of family and friends on a bottle than last time.

By adding these names, Coke is hoping to include Kiwis from a much broader range of ethnicities who haven’t been able to find their name on a bottle before, reflecting the multicultural society that is New Zealand in 2019.

Acknowledging there are plenty of Kiwis who don’t go by the name on their birth certificate, Coke is also offering Coca-Cola cans featuring a range of Kiwi slang, so you can share a Coke with your bro, your sis or your nana!

“Coke now includes Kiwis from a much broader range of ethnicities, reflecting the multicultural society that is NZ in 2019.”

Coke isn’t stopping there though. In recognising that some Christines are Kristines and some Dylans might be Dillon or Dillan, customers can personalise their own limited edition glass bottle with almost any name via a new online store.

This summer Coke is also hitting the road, with teams taking the Share a Coke campaign around New Zealand, popping up in stores and malls to offer Kiwis customised Share a Coke cans.

Richard Schlasberg, the Auckland-based NZ manager at Coca-Cola Oceania said: “I’m excited that all Kiwis, from Cape Reinga to Bluff and everywhere in between, can participate in the Share A Coke campaign this summer.

“Coke is synonymous with summer and we know how much Kiwis loved the Share a Coke campaign last time.

“We also know that for everyone to get involved, we need to ensure Kiwis from all cultures and countries can add the names of their friends and families to a Coke. As a company that champions inclusivity and diversity, we want to see the joy that Share A Coke can bring to the four corners of Aotearoa.”

“So it doesn’t matter if you’re a Nic, Nicky or Nicki, you’ll be able to get your name on a Coke can or bottle this summer.”

Share a Coke cans are now appearing in stores, while teams of Coke ambassadors will be touring stores and malls around New Zealand from later in the month.


Creative: Stanley St
Media: UM
PR: Campbell+Co
Promotions: Farrimond
Experiential and Sampling Activation: Spur
Shopper Production: PMA Global
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