Code fix puts digital Herald back on track after Nielsen counting blunder

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Since 30 July 2013 Nielsen has been undercounting audience to the Herald’s mobile site due to a coding error. This has now been resolved by Nielsen and the Herald’s web and mobile traffic is now being reported correctly.

With only two weeks of correct data reported the Herald is happy with the result.

“After nine months of incorrect reporting it’s great to see our audience accurately represented to the market,” said chief marketing officer Kursten Shalfoon.

“We’ve been heavily investing in our digital products and instinctively knew we were doing better than the numbers said. It’s satisfying to see the Herald’s unduplicated reach increasing by 6% compared to March 2014.

“The results show the Herald growing market share, especially when looking at the Auckland market where the Herald holds a leadership position, with audience increasing 3% compared to March 2014 and an impressive 30% year on year.

“The quality of engagement with the Herald’s content continues to remain strong, with 1.13 minutes average page duration and over five minutes for session duration which is 65% higher than our main news competitors.

Source: Nielsen NetView April 2013-April 2014, Market Intelligence April 2014

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