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Take a quick look at the above ad, created last year by students at Auckland’s MDS AdSchool. Then take a look here at the Prostate Cancer Foundation TVC currently getting good exposure on TV.

The TVC is a rather brilliant piece of work (and Mark Hadlow nails it totally) created by St Heliers ad agency MWC Media. But, do you – like us – think the two campaigns could be related?

AdSchool CD Kate Humphries is scratching her head: “Sometimes I just get so mad I have to politely infer something,” she says.

“The student campaign was featured in our Best of 2014 work on both the M+AD and Stoppress sites – and then widely viewed when the book went around the agencies.

“The glove, the line, the language, the man-up strategy, the typeface …

“Maybe it is just coincidence?”

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