Podcast throws new light on a 1989 murder cold case

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AUCKLAND, Friday: New Zealand’s local true-crime podcast Guilt is attracting attention in Australia and since launching has secured over a million downloads.

Guilt is created by lawyer Ryan Wolf and focuses on some of New Zealand’s most intriguing unsolved crimes. It’s hosted, distributed and monetised by Sweden’s Acast Creator Network.

This new series uncovers developments in an active case that is currently before the New Zealand courts. The focus is a historic double-homicide in the Coromandel.

This delves into the 1989 murder of Swedish backpackers Urban Höglin and his fiance Heidi Paakkonen, who disappeared while camping.

In the series, Wolf investigates some of New Zealand’s most enduring unsolved cases. Each season follows a different case, with Wolf investigating and looking to solve these cases. 

Wolf said: “When I started my podcast journey 18 months ago, I had no idea it would change my life in the way it has. Now onto my third investigation and with over a million downloads it’s blown me away how much the podcast has grown.

“He uncovers a new witness who may put an end to the mystery of what truly happened to two Swedish backpackers in the Coromandel in 1989.”

“Their disappearance led to an intense investigation and attracted huge media interest, in a case that involves police corruption, jailhouse snitches, perjury and only Höglin’s body has been found.

“David Tamihere was convicted but has always maintained his innocence and the case has divided many. Having served 20 years in prison, Tamihere is now attempting to get a pardon for a miscarriage of justice.

“In Season Three of Guilt, Ryan Wolf uncovers a new witness who may put an end to the mystery of what truly happened once and for all.

Acast senior development manager for Australia & New Zealand Ryan Lamont said: “At Acast we strongly believe in the power of a world connected through storytelling, and Guilt is a great example of that.

“This new season has the potential to make a genuine impact in this case, and it’s great to see homegrown Kiwi investigative journalism having such a huge impact both domestically and overseas.”

Hosted, distributed and monetised by Acast as part of the Acast Creator Network, a new episode of Guilt is released every Monday and can be found on all podcast platforms.

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