Colenso and Pedigree launch new dog adoption campaign

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AUCKLAND, Today: Colenso BBDO has produced a new Pedigree Mars campaign aimed at convincing parents of teenagers to “turn their heart back on” by adopting a dog.

Mars marketing manager Joe Lanham said: “Neuroscience tells us that the rational part of a teenager’s brain switches off momentarily to allow the rest of the brain to develop. That’s why teenagers behave, well, like teenagers. 

“The new campaign analyses the mystifying behaviours of a teenager before suggesting to parents that the ‘only option is adoption’.

“The brand aims to position a dog as the perfect antidote for a teenager, by going on to say that when a teenager’s brain ‘switches off’, parents can ‘turn their heart back on’ by adopting a dog.

“Dogs bring out the good in us. They remind us we are loved. No one needs that more than teenagers.”

“Our Pedigree brand purpose is to feed the good that dogs bring to the world, by helping every dog find a loving home.

“This campaign reminds us that dogs can bring out the best in anyone. Even irrational teenagers.

“The campaign drives listeners to where families can find a local shelter dog that matches their teenager, powered by the smart MyHooman platform.”

Colenso CCO Si Vicars said: “Dogs bring out the good in us. They support us, give us purpose, fix our bad days, and remind us we are loved. No one needs that more than teenagers.”

Three radio spots launch the campaign, brought to life by an eccentric German psychiatrist, with more to roll out in the new year.


Client: Mars
Marketing Manager: Joe Lanham
Marketing Assistant: Karl Bartrum
Agency: Colenso BBDO
Sound: Franklin Road
Media Agency: Wavemaker

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